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A Project Emerged from the Friendship of three Groups of People

Appartenance-Belonging emerged from the bonds of friendship and respect three groups of people – L’Agora, L’Arche and the PLAN institute for Caring Citizenship – have for each other. We have become a significant part of each other’s lives.


In 1984, Jacques Dufresne, with Hélène Laberge, founded L'Agora recherches et communications, inc. (Agora research and communication inc.). Within the framework of this new venture, they would continue to undertake work similar to that accomplished in the journal Critère.  In 1998, they founded l' Encyclopédie de L'Agora sur Internet (the Internet Agora Encyclopedia): In it they sought to create an oasis of meaning, an island of coherence.

Read L'Agora founders' biography.

L'Arche Canada

Everywhere around the world where L'Arche exist, men and women who live with an intellectual disability share a common culture of the heart and, in their own way, constitute one people. Although their intellectual capacities may be limited, these men and women, indifferent to success, competition or performance have developed qualities of the heart that can lead us to a renewed understanding of our fundamental and common humanity.

Thirty-five years ago, L'Arche in Canada was at the beginning of the movement to de-institutionalize people living with an intellectual disability Today there are 28 communities of L'Arche across Canada, with nearly 200 home and day settings. It offers a place of belonging for people living with a disability and those who share life with them

Throughout the world, since 1964, men and women of good will, with and without intellectual disability, are commiting to each other in L'Arche to break down the barriers of fears that separate us and to create new places of belonging where everyone is important and can contribute.

Through the vision of its founder Jean Vanier, L'Arche gives us a new vision of vulnerability where those who are weak and in need have the gift of touching our hearts bringing us together whatever our religion, culture or nationalities, creating new ways to be together and, thus, presenting a complete rethinking of strenght and weaknesses in the making up of our personal, social and institutional relationships. In a society that shuns weakness and glorifies strength, L'Arche want to witness that it is possible to work together for the common good and for peace. 

PLAN Institute

The Plan Institute for Caring Relationships create networks, develop resources, cultivate innovation and promote thinking to foster the contribution of people who are isolated and marginalized.

Read PLAN president's Al Etmanski's biography.


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