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Slow Fish Movement

«I began writing this book knowing that ours might be among the last generations in history able to enjoy the down-to-earth luxury of freshly caught fish. ...when I started planning my voyage, a decade of fish eating had left me half-educated about some of the crucial issues surrounding seafood...I heard all the talk about sustainable seafood, but I was not sure how to walk the walk.»

Taras Grescoe about: Bottomfeeder: How To Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood.

Grescoe notes that two hundred million people around the world depend on fishing for their livelihood, but are being put out of business by the factory trawlers, the dredging nets and the shrimp farms. He proposes something dear to our hearts: a Slow Fish Movement.

«Small scale fisheries are not messy, inefficient leftovers from a pre-industrial age, but nimble and efficient, responding quickly to changes in species abundance, while using far less fuel to catch fish than industrial fisheries. Slow fisheries would not produce vast fortunes, but they would allow a large number of people to live very well. They would also help keep coastal communities alive.

I think slow fish has equal potential as a gastronomic movement. Slow fish, after all are what I have been seeking since I started my journey. Slow fish are the sardines brought to port by day boat and eaten barbecued an olive's pit throw from the Atlantic. Slow fish are caught in traps or on fishing lines, but never in drift-nets or bottom-trawls. Slow fish are often bottom-feeders, healthily low on the food chain but high in flavour. »




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