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4,1 billions cell phone subscribers in the world at the end of 2008

Subscribers in Canada: 22 millions, in the U.S : 270 millions, in France: 58 millions, in Algeria 32 millions, in Marocco: 31 millions

«At what cost is technology replacing personal contact?» asked Jack Cafferty in his blog on CNN.

«There are 270 million cell phone subscribers who sent more than 110 billion text messages last December - that was double the number sent a year earlier. The average teenager sends more than 2,000 text messages every month.

At the same time - the average length of a cell phone call declined last year. The problem is, this is all stuff we mostly do alone.

We spend five hours a day watching television… and another two hours on the computer…

Walk down the street in any city in America and notice how many of us never see our surroundings. Our faces are buried in personal communication devices - At the expense of seeing someone smile as they pass you - of noticing someone who might be in need - or of missing something like a changing street light that can actually put you in danger.

It doesn't seem to be a big deal now but my guess is in 20 or 30 years we won't recognize ourselves because of the effect all of this has had.

That we will be different is certain. Whether we'll be better off is very much an open question…

Here’s my question to you: At what cost is technology replacing personal contact?»


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