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Soil not oil

With Soil Not Oil, Vandana Shiva brilliantly reveals what connects humanity’s most urgent crises – food insecurity, peak oil, and climate change – and why any attempt to solve one without addressing the others will get us nowhere. [...] A new battle in what looks more and more like a cold war between the well organised industrial agriculture, under the leadership of Monsanto, and the myriad of small groups promoting the small independant farm. Social issues are also at stake. There is a tie between belonging to a soil and belonging to a community.



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Jacques Dufresne's

The editor of L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora and well known newspaper chronicler and philosopher, analyses actuality through the looking glass of Belonging.
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Loneliness affects one in ten people in France

ONE in ten people in France lives in solitude and a quarter have only the most basic links to family or friends, a new report has revealed. The issue of solitude came up in 2003 after the...

Preventing Home Foreclosures - a Promising Innovation in Philadelphia

Between June 2008 and May 2009, of the 4,690 homeowners who were able to negotiate with their banks through this program, 2,776 succeeded in holding on to their homes.