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The towns of Noranda and Rouyn in Northwestern Quebec were once separated by a lake polluted by the waste products from the process of turning ore into copper. The owners of the mine and factory, mostly Anglophones, lived in Noranda, and the Francophone workers lived in Rouyn, where they had carefully built their public buildings so that their backs were to the lake. The two towns...
Even more than air, water can unite – or divide us. We are reminded of its potential for division by the word “rival,” which comes from “riverain”: the resident of a riverside. The fountain is an example of water that unites, bringing people together around its flowing streams. But bodies of water also divide country from country – and, increasingly, country from city. Because having...
Water is life, by Barbara KingsolverWater is the ultimate commons. Watercourses once seemed as boundless as those pigeons that darkened the sky overhead, and the notion of protecting water was as silly as bottling it. But rules change


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