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Buddy, chum, companion, associate, colleague, contact: Many words might describe a person with whom we like to do things —prepare a meal, play sports, hang around a café. But there is only one word to designate the person with whom we like to be, very simply, it is “friend.” To do things with this person is only a pretext to rejoice in his or her presence. It is opportunity that brings us into contact with an associate, a comrade, but it is through a free and deliberate choice that we offer our friendship, for no other reason than a secretly held affinity and the conviction that the other is not a stranger, but an alter ego, another me who will always welcome me whenever I have need of him or her.

Hélène Laberge
Yves Beauchemin, author of the novel The Alley Cat,  may flatter himself that he has transformed a very real Montreal restaurant, La Binerie, into a universal symbol of belonging.
Al Etmanski
Philia is the Greek word for friendship between two individuals, as well as for neighbourly love - the bonds of friendship that bind us together in community. Philia is also the name of a group of reflection devoted to the defense of the idea that a society is a living system, as resilient as any other living systems: the person, the body, the ecosystem. (See who we are lower in this...
In the centre of Magog, a working-class town in the Estrie region of Quebec, near Lake Memphremagog, where the multi-millionaires of Québec gather, there is a modest business, a smoke den and a restaurant, frequented by neighbourhood workers who find food and a warm home there. They also used to be able to buy lottery tickets there, until the day Loto Quebec withdrew the owners’ license....



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The editor of L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora and well known newspaper chronicler and philosopher, analyses actuality through the looking glass of Belonging.
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ONE in ten people in France lives in solitude and a quarter have only the most basic links to family or friends, a new report has revealed. The issue of solitude came up in 2003 after the...

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