Theme: instrumental_reason
2009-02-14 20:23:28

“Yes,” says Douglas Atkin, strategy director for a NewYork ad agency: “The people, whether they are joining a cult or a brand, do so for exactly the same reason. They need to belong and they want to make meaning. We need to figure out what the world is all about and we need the company of others.”



What an opportunity for the profit addicts: “While little argument can be raised against Atkin's proposition that ‘few stronger emotions exist than the need to belong and make meaning,’ more conservative readers may balk at his notion that the decreasing power of our culture’s traditional institutions is an opportunity to exploit those emotional drives for profit. Perhaps would-be cult leaders will be able to use Atkin's marketing strategies to repackage themselves for broader mainstream appeal.” Joni Evans, Publishers Weekly

Is this not a perfect example of how instrumental reason is perverting the need to belong? Nevertheless, please note the bias of the comment. Joni Evans seems to suggest that only conservative readers balk at this notion of reducing a cult to a brand, when any thoughtful person should do the same.



Jacques Dufresne is the editor of  L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora. He founded the journal Critère, was columnist at  La Presse durging eight years and Le Devoir  during seven year. He organised  many colloquiums and public debates of some importance. [Read more ...]


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